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SEO Content Writing isn’t just about the content…

There is a misconception regular copy writing is all you need when it comes to SEO content writing. Of course there is an element of truth to this with a few aspects that separate the two. When applying content writing for the purposes of SEO it’s important to include a clear call to action, information about products or services, keyword density and of course using the appropriate keywords.

Ranking organically is a crucial part to any business and with limited spots on search engines such as google, its becoming increasing difficult to rank above your competitors.

Major search engines such as Google change there algorithms all the time therefore SEO tactics need to change with it. What thing that does help it keeping you well ranked it well written content, not content that’s just on there for the sake of having it, let the content be engaging, let IT flow well so that you keep a low bounce rate which in turn increases page views.

Our SEO guru’s develop road maps to ensure we comply with all the best practices when it comes to writing good copy to support your SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimisation is about ticking all the boxes and well written content is just the beginning, it’s a part of our onsite audit and helps build our road map.


Keep in mind SEO is a little bit like going to the gym. As frustrating as those first 3 months are you may only see small results. However give it time, SEO needs about 6 – 12 months for the search engines to fully take hold your your website. SEO is about building trust and relevance with your chosen keywords which are generally your products or services. If it’s quick results you are after then maybe we need to look at more of an SEM campaign which generally starts gaining traction after about 3 weeks of starting and Adwords campaign.

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