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What are some of the Organic SEO Services out there?


In a perfect world, White hat SEO follows the correct strategies that are targeted towards a human audience and not that of a Search Engine.

White hat SEO using the correct techniques such as appropriate content writing (not keyword spamming) and appropriate link building. SEO should not be a strategy for you to appear over night (more about black hat SEO soon)
Think about the conversations you have with your friends. These are very real, authentic and genuine conversations that are delivered with a purpose. Think about SEO as the same concept, it needs to be delivered in a way that makes sense to a human and not that of a search engine. Strategically, search engine optimisation is making your website friendly, free flowing and relevant content, on your website and off your website.


This is where SEO can get a little cloak and dagger, you've engaged a media company to start optimising your website so that you rank higher on search engines such as Google, the particular company you have engaged has mentioned you don't pay until you get to page 1 (a common tactic) in walks Black hat Search Engine Optimisation..

You need to be ranked quickly so by performing strategies and techniques that talk to search engines and not humans you will in fact rank faster. However this technique is only short lived and in fact your website can be punished severely for performing such SEO tactics sending you to the back of Google very quickly. Some Black hat techniques include link networks, link schemes, doggy redirects, keyword spamming and the list can go on..

At Simply Found we only deal in White Hat SEO practices. This is vital when it comes to offering any  Organic SEO services. Our team of experts will assess your website and understand what path needs to be taken.

We also offer 1 off SEO Audits which are completely free. Its a chance to take a peek under the hood and make sure everything’s in good working order.

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  • Finally found someone who explained it clearly, would recommend Simply Found to anyone

    Rod Halsted

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